Beata Elzbieta Cieszynska (editor) - Iberian and Slavonic Cultures [2007]

"The recognition and deconstruction of the Iberian-Slavonic research area is a response to the new political and cultural dimensions of Europe and the world, which are struggling between affirming Nathan Glazer’s statement that „We are all multiculturalists now” and questioning(or announcing the end of) multiculturalism." (p. I)


Teresa Pinheiro, et alii - Peripheral Identities [2011]

"The contemporary map of Europe – multicultural and fluid, with its extremities moving ever closer and with the European Union expanding to the east and south-east, – reveals both Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula to be at different yet in some ways truly similar stages in adjust- ing their collective memory and self-defining identity to the new European experience and opening up to the Other (Wagstaff 2004; Zarycki 2007)." (p. 11)