Teresa Pinheiro, et alii - Peripheral Identities [2011]

"The contemporary map of Europe – multicultural and fluid, with its extremities moving ever closer and with the European Union expanding to the east and south-east, – reveals both Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula to be at different yet in some ways truly similar stages in adjust- ing their collective memory and self-defining identity to the new European experience and opening up to the Other (Wagstaff 2004; Zarycki 2007)." (p. 11) 

Teresa Pinheiro; Beata Cieszynska; José Eduadro Franco (editors), Peripheral Identities. Iberia and Eastern Europe between the dictatorial past and the European present

Editor: Pearlbooks
Local: Lisboa, Chemnitz, Warsaw, Glasgow, Madrid, Lisbon
Ano: 2011

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